Welcome to Radiate! The name Radiate was chosen intentionally because Bellefontaine Grace Church desires to be light in the darkness in everything we do- that includes our children's ministry. Each age group has a name that describes light being radiated from the central focus of our children's ministry which is Jesus. As our children grow in age their light also grows stronger and stronger- from igniting the light to seeing the light becoming a blazing fire!

Every Sunday morning we provide a safe environment for kids from birth through sixth grade where they can learn about Jesus and connect with each other. 

Our volunteers are the heartbeat of our ministry, and it’s an honor to serve with each and every one of them as they love on kids each week! Every volunteer who leads in the Radiate Kids has had a background check and is committed to making the ministry a safe, Biblically centered, and fun environment for your kids. Check out the curriculum we use. 

Each Sunday, you will need to check your child into Radiate Kids. You can do this at the Radiate Kids counter. Parents will be asked to Check-In on the computer and print out a name tag, a classroom tag, and a claim tag. These tags will include your child’s name as well as information regarding specific allergies or other medical notes. Please attach the name tag to the back of the corresponding child. From there you will walk them to their age-specific classroom and give the teacher the classroom tag. When you return at the end of service you will Check-Out your child by showing the claim tag to the teacher.

Want to be involved? Serving is faith in action. It allows us to experience God together and increases our faith. In fact, you were created for service. God has given you specific gifts and a valuable role to play in focusing on and caring for others. Contact Angelyn Davis - Director of Radiate Kids here

Thank you so much for helping us as we strive to make Radiate Kids a safe environment for your kids to learn about God.

Ignite: Infant & Toddler Nurseries

We want even our smallest children to know how much God loves them!  Children are fully engaged with our leaders while parents are able to relax and plug into the Sunday morning worship experience.

Glimmer: 2s & 3s

Your child will be cared for in a safe and positive setting with age appropriate toys and an adequate teacher-to-child ratio. They will learn that God made them, God loves them, and that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. 

Glow: 4s - 5s

By providing age-appropriate activities, creative lessons, music, and snacks, we are able to help children get a clear first impression of their loving, heavenly father.

Beacon: K-1st

Our Beacon space is designed to meet kids in their bent. We want to engage their interest so they can trust God’s character and experience God’s family.

Blaze: 2nd-3rd

Our hope is that over these formative years our children begin a relationship with God and build a firm foundation of biblical knowledge. 

Basecamp 456: 4th-6th

Basecamp 456 is a space designed with the desire to prepare our 4th-6th graders for our 144 Student Ministry, give them a fun hangout area, & deepen their knowledge of the Gospel. Students will engage with our very own BGC curriculum within a pod style discussion.