Daniel O'Kane

I was born in New Zealand to a wonderful family. I enjoyed a loving home where I was supported in everything. Over the years, I became successful in sports, and this success helped me to travel the world. But even with all the love and success I experienced, I always knew there was more - as if there was some unexplained knowledge that I was suppressing. It was not until the Gospel of Jesus was laid out in front of me, through relationships and through spoken words, that I came to know and understand what this “more” truly was.

Since that time, I have enjoyed a fulfilling relationship with God. He has taken me through trial and pain, success and bliss, and has taught me through each and every turn. Through these turns and lessons, my wife, Jessica, and I were led to Marysville, where I began a full time internship at Marysville Grace. This internship involved an intense study in a seminary program to receive my Masters while, at the same time, experiencing full time pastorate duties.

Halfway through this internship, I had a unique understanding that God was calling us to lead a church campus in Bellefontaine. Through long and diligent prayer, conversations, and mentoring, this calling became even more clear. After finishing the internship the church family at Marysville Grace, the elders, and staff allowed me to follow God’s calling. At present I am the Campus Pastor of BGC (Bellefontaine Grace Church). We began a once-a-month Sunday meeting in September 2016, then every week Sunday meetings in April 2017. We have seen steady growth and are excited to see the Bellefontaine community respond to our church family and the Lord. 

John 1:4-5 is the verse which drives our vision. It states, “In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not understood it.” God has given us a light to shine in the darkness of peoples' hearts. With God’s hand, we intend to do just that in Logan county.


Ethan Bunce

I was born in the great state of Indiana to a Christian family. It was such a gift to learn about God from parents who truly believed and followed Jesus Christ. I placed my faith in Jesus at a young age and grew in my relationship with Him. Many years later, I was able to attend Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. During this time, God molded me in many ways. I was blessed to have leadership opportunities, be involved in a genuine community, and meet my amazing wife, Jael.

As Jael and I completed our undergraduate degrees, it became clear that I wanted to continue my education and seek out training from the local church. We began to pray for such an opportunity. After a few months, I was offered a position as a Pastoral Resident at Marysville Grace, and we gladly accepted. This opportunity included mentorship and training from the local church and allowed me to earn my masters degree. This was truly an unbelievable gift and answer to prayer. 

We are now living in Bellefontaine and are excited to be serving the Bellefontaine Grace Church. As a Pastor on staff, I am excited to work with our Grace Group ministries, worship team, and the 144 (BGC's Youth Group). I desire to see BGC grow in our knowledge and love for the Lord.


Nick Mazza

I was born in the great state of Ohio. Shortly after my birth my biological parents were divorced. However, my biological mother, Elaine, remarried my step father, Tom, a man of God. We moved to Marysville where I was raised in a Christian home. We went to church every Sunday, and my parents helped to lead a Grace group in their home. I was surrounded by faith. With this, I would attend Christian camp, and it seemed every time I did, I always accepted Christ as my savior but I never fully understood what it meant to follow Jesus. 

It wasn’t until the summer before my sophomore year of high school when I attended the Alive Christian Music Festival. At this festival, the speaker was talking about having a true relationship with Jesus and God spoke to me right then and there and I accepted Jesus as my savior and committed to a pursue a personal relationship with Him. 

God then began to work in my life. He instilled in me this desire to teach and help others. This led me go to Bowling Green State University to pursue a teaching degree. The summers in between my years at college I would come back to Marysville Grace and do internships. I also was heavily involved with a campus church. Through these experiences, I believed God placed a calling on my life to be a pastor. While at BGSU, I met my lovely wife, Erin, and we married in June of 2019. 

Those internships helped to solidify my calling and has led me here to BGC to serve as a pastor. 

pastoral resident

Kohltin Hoeppner

I was born in the mediocre state of Indiana. Thankfully I wasn’t born to mediocre parents! My amazing and loving family raised me to love the Lord, His Word, and His people. Christ saved me when I was young, and I have grown to have an intimate relationship with Him. After enjoying four years of high school I then attended Grace College and Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, IN. I graduated with my bachelor’s in biblical studies with a minor in biblical languages and then I just recently finished my masters of local church ministry in May of 2020. Through these years of college and seminary, I kept in touch with my great friend Ethan Bunce.


Through my friendship with Ethan, I had the awesome opportunity to experience BGC over the last four years. At BGC I got to see and experience a church that was healthy, vibrant, and deeply focused on mission. When I graduated seminary, I then felt called to move to the greatest state America, specifically Bellefontaine, Ohio, to be involved in the wonderful ministry that BGC was doing. I had been praying for the Lord to provide an opportunity to be trained by and in the local church. Thankfully, God opened doors for me to be accepted as the Pastoral Resident here at BGC!


Jesus is my life and giving all I have to Him is the most important thing to me. Some other things that I enjoy are beach days, spikeball, golf, football, wrestling, cooking, music, working out, bonfires, Tropical Smoothie, and good friends. Lastly, I am a huge fan of THE Ohio State Buckeyes!